September Camp 2023

For September Camp this year we camped at Auchengillan. Weather might not have been ideal but we managed to do a number of activities including climbing and archery.

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World Scout Jamboree 2023

One of our Patrol Leaders, Abigail, is off to the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea with the Scottish contingent. Abigail would like to thank everyone who sponsored her during her fundraising, making this trip possible. Have a great time Abigail, certainly an experience she will never forget!

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Scout Hall Wall – Just Giving

#BuildTheWall2022 Buy-a-Brick – JustGiving


Earlier this year we undertook our five yearly fixed electrical test at the hall, and found we needed a complete rewire costing £8,880. This wasn’t unexpected and we had funds put aside: however, when the new external lights were fitted the electricians found that the front hall wall moved when it was pushed. Following further investigations by a structural engineer, the wall was found to be misaligned and deemed as being at risk of imminent collapse. We immediately erected HERAS fencing to keep everyone away from the wall, and are undertaking emergency repairs comprising a complete rebuild of the front wall. Without rebuilding the wall immediately, we would have to had shut the hall to both scouts and the other groups.

We had some reserves put aside for maintenance, but these have been depleted by the planned rewire in August. The emergency rebuild cost of the wall is £15,000, and comes on top of the planned rewire. Due to COVID we have been unable to fundraise as we have in the past. We are finding that for many of the grants the work cannot be completed before the grant is received, and because we have had to had to move so fast to keep the hall open this is a problem. In addition, grants we have accessed in the past are now closed due to so many applications, or don’t support building works (ie lottery, Glasgow flightpath fund). We haven’t given up though and continue our search for grants we do qualify!

We know that our hall is valued by so many in our community, and we are hoping that you – former scouts, current scouts, dancers, gymnasts – and families of all those hall users will dig deep and help us! So buy a brick – or even two – or one for your gran, or your dog or a brick for every family member! Please help us to make sure our hall is still here providing a venue for scouting for years to come, so if you can buy a brick!

Thank You

Summer Camp 2022

For our first summer camp since 2019, we spent a week camping at Bonaly. We were lucky with having such great weather. Here are some photos of the activities we got up to, including waterskiing, Edinburgh Dungeon and dry slope skiing.

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