Pizza and Soap Carving

This week at our Zoom meeting we made pizza and crafted soap carvings, which can go towards the creative challenge. We also welcomed some new Scouts who moved up this week, we hope you had a good first Scout meeting and that you’ll be back again next week.

  • pz_sc03
  • pz_sc04
  • pz_sc05
  • pz_sc06
  • pz_sc01
  • pz_sc02
  • pz_sc06
  • pz_sc08
  • pz_sc09
  • pz_sc10
  • pz_sc07
  • pz_sc12
  • pz_sc13
  • pz_sc11

Pancake Day 2021

This week on our Zoom meeting we celebrated pancake day by making pancake stacks. Here are some of our Scouts creations, nice and varied choices of toppings! We also tried to ‘walk through’ an A4 sheet of paper.

  • pancakeday03
  • pancakeday04
  • pancakeday05
  • pancakeday06
  • pancakeday00
  • pancakeday01
  • pancakeday02
  • pancakeday07

Zoom Meeting 02/02

This week on our zoom meeting Euan showed the Scouts how to make a camp classic: chocolate bananas. As well as being tasty, these also went towards parts of the creative challenge and chef’s badge.

  • chocbanana01
  • chocbanana02
  • chocbanana03

Scouting at Home gallery

Finding activities that can be fun while we are all in lockdown has been tough; but we have been able to do Scouting at Home! There are over 130 pictures in this gallery showing what we have all been up to!